Switching Gears aka Taking a Hiatus

Serendipity shows her face another morning. Synchronicity too. I’ve been reading quite a bit of Danielle LaPorte lately and posting writings inspired from my reads of her work. What’s all this timeliness about? You’ll see.

I started this post yesterday announcing a time-out, hiatus for the Kathy Weinkle Coaching blog. I didn’t finish writing until this morning. Just before I was set out to write, I  read this from Danielle LaPorte. Hmm, was I channeling the same energy?  Perhaps not, but I’m here. Landed. Ready to take a break from this coaching blog. Beginning next Monday, June 18.

The reasons are simple. I’m re-engineering, clearing out and redirecting where I take this site next. To be perfectly frank, I’ve felt a little choked up (not with tears) but with words when it comes to writing this blog.  I have let myself just write when I’m moved to about whatever moves me: food, fear, compassion, purpose. That’s all been good, healthy and part of the journey of this blog. But the time has come for change.

I’m a learner by doing and in most energized when I allow spontaneity. I’m not the one who has mapped out every stop on the journey, though I appreciate the traveler who does. I follow the lead of my own intuition and in that follow my vision, my own road map of sorts. When I do, I have more fun and most importantly stay true to my inner compass. When I don’t, I get stuck on the trail until I decide to head off into the direction that’s pulling me.

So this hiatus is about listening. To what’s calling. I’ll post here and there for awhile about interesting finds along the way. Until I’m posting somewhere else.

For now. Stay tuned.